Professional Development

How to Succeed at the Medical Interview, 2nd Edition

How to Succeed at the Medical Interview provides candidates with a competitive edge. It reduces the likelihood of unexpected questions or situations... more info

How to Succeed at E-learning

A basic guide to getting the best from e-learning for medical students, teachers and all healthcare professionals How to Succeed at e-Learning... more info

How to Survive in Medicine: Personally and Professionally

Medicine is a career that most people consider to be enviable. Whatever one's criteria for a good job, being a doctor ticks a lot of boxes: doctors... more info

How to Assess Doctors and Health Professionals

This important book offers an introduction to the theory and the varying types of assessment for health care professionals. The book includes... more info

How to Teach Continuing Medical Education

This new volume in the concise "How To" series explores the foundations and principles of continuing education of professionals and then relates... more info

Managed Care Made Simple, 2nd Edition

Now more than ever, the need is great for medical students, physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare providers to understand managed... more info

Choosing General Practice: Your Career Guide

This book takes the reader through the various aspects of a career in general practice from the time of applying to medical school until retirement.... more info

Guide to Postgraduate Medical Education

this unique book gives necessary advice and information to anyone considering further career development and education in general practice and to... more info

The Situational Judgement Test at a Glance

The Situational Judgement Test at a Glance provides a sound introduction to the SJT and details ways you can prepare before the assessment. It... more info

Getting Research Findings into Practice, 2nd Edition

Thoroughly updated and revised, the new edition of this accessible guide aims to outline why there is a gap between research findings and what... more info

Medical Manager: A Practical Guide for Clinicians, 2nd Edition

This practical introduction to medical management now contains new material on concerns in clinical management (eg appraisal and revalidation) the... more info