Evidence-Based Health Care

Evidence-Based Medicine Toolkit, 2nd Edition

This bestselling pocket guide to the skills of evidence-based medicine succeeds in demystifying the terminology and processes in a handy and... more info

Diagnostic Tests Toolkit

This new volume in the Toolkit series is designed for clinicians and junior researchers who need to interpret the evidence for the effectiveness of... more info

Evidence-Based Medicine: In Sherlock Holmes' Footsteps

This lively handbook on the fundamentals of Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) leads the reader, step by step, through a process that proceeds from a... more info

Alcohol and Drug Misuse: A Cochrane Handbook

There is constant pressure for clinicians to practise evidence-based medicine.  Cochrane Reviews are an important source of the evidence which... more info

Clinical Thinking: Evidence, Communication and Decision-Making

Clinicians are taught masses of facts, but not how to use them in the messy reality of patient care. This book provides a missing link between... more info

Evidence-Based Practice in Primary Care, 2nd Edition

Evidence Based Practice in Primary Health Care is split into two sections. The frist discusses how the individual can apply evidence based medicine... more info

The Philosophy of Evidence-based Medicine

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) has become a required element of clinical practice, but it is critical for the healthcare community to understand the... more info

A Concise Guide to Clinical Trials

Clinical trials have revolutionized the way disease is prevented, detected and treated, and early death avoided, and they continue to be an expanding... more info

Evidence-based Decisions and Economics: Health Care, Social Welfare, Education and Criminal Justice, 2nd Edition

The need for evidence-based decisions that take account of both effectiveness and economics is greater now than ever. Using case studies and... more info

Knowledge Translation in Health Care: Moving from Evidence to Practice, 2nd Edition

Knowledge Translation in Health Care is a practical introduction to knowledge translation for everyone working and learning within health policy and... more info